France Télévisions optimizes its catch-up TV service francetv pluzz

France Télévisions has selected the technical platform of Arkena, leader in the management of on-demand services, to optimize its catch-up TV offering in OTT on all connected devices, francetv pluzz.

Having launched its catch-up TV service on several boxes, on the Internet and all connected screens, France Télévisions wished to optimize the management of its contents to make them available more quickly to the TV viewers.

France Télévisions has deeply changed the architecture of its technical platform and appealed to Arkena for the set-up of its fully automated solution to accelerate the platform provisioning. Arkena takes on the media transcoding and the audio, subtitles and video treatments before the delivery through a CDN.

The public media group publishes each month several thousands of hours of on-demand programs and chose to rely on the proven technical expertise of Arkena in tapeless content management (transcoding, audio and subtitles extraction, quality control …) to manage both the high volume of media to be processed and the complexity of formats and workflows.

Finally, the Arkena platform is integrated with France Télévisions Editions Numériques’ internal solution, which allows real-time monitoring of the requests.

« We want to offer our viewers a large diversity of content. Thus, we needed a partner capable of handling each month a high volume of media to target different platforms », says Stéphane Van Bosterhaudt, CTO of France Télévisions Editions Numériques.

« France Télévisions is a dynamic and innovative group. We have already worked together for Salto, the service enabling to restart a program from the beginning available on HbbTV, and we are delighted that the group renewed its confidence in Arkena », says Gregory Samson, VP Sales Media & Telecom. « We are proud to support France Télévisions in the multiscreen development of its on-demand services ».

After France Télévisions Distribution, France Télévisions Editions Numériques is the second entity of the group to entrust its content management to Arkena. This new partnership with this major player in the French audiovisual landscape reinforces Arkena in its leading position in the supply of linear and on-demand services to media professionals.


About France Télévisions
France Télévisions is France’s number one audiovisual group with five national channels (France 2, France 3, France 4, France 5 and France Ô), plus a strong regional and overseas network. As the core French TV offering, it captures more than one-third of the audience in France. Boasting a range of complementary, distinctive channels, the group offers a diverse range of programming, allowing viewers to choose from satellite, DTT, ADSL, Internet, mobile phones, tablets, smart TV, etc. In this fast-changing environment, the number of different media is constantly increasing together with different types of usage. France Télévisions anticipates and adapts to new technologies in order to better satisfy viewers’ expectations and needs.