NAB 2017 : new partners for the processing media files solution Eolementhe

Videomenthe will be represented on the booths of its various partners at the NAB. The French company will for the first time present to the American market its own multi-vendor solution for processing media files: Eolementhe. These technology suppliers and partners include: Amazon Web Services for its cloud services - whose programme for innovative companies, AWS Activate, has been integrated by Videomenthe -, Aspera, Capella Systems, Harmonic, Interra Systems, Microsoft Azure, Minnetonka Audio, Signiant.


Videomenthe is a French company that distributes media workflows software, and designs Cloud portals. Its flagship solution, Eolementhe, is a user-friendly Cloud portal which brings several leaders in the field of media-file processing together, in a single interface.

In this automated environment, which still provides the option to intervene manually in certain operations, you can find a complete workflow, with different methods of delivery: transcoding, quality control, analysis and correction of audio levels, the insertion of subtitles and logos and addition of editorial and technical metadata for RTB files creation. Users construct their workflow to process and deliver their media file by means of an interface that is extremely intuitive, instantly and easily mastered, and accessible via a web browser. For even smoother use, Eolementhe can be managed via API, and automatic mode is used to streamline and speed up operations.

Videomenthe goes still further by offering a hybrid SaaS service – in addition to its SaaS mode – the principle of which is to exploit both the client’s on-prem resources and those offered by Videomenthe through its resource-pooling Cloud.


A mobile app for processing media files

One of the great new innovations being presented by the company is the Eolementhe mobile app, available soon on GooglePlay (Android) and in the AppStore (iPhone, iPad). App users can access the Eolementhe portal functions and monitor all of the data processed, in real time, using their login. So, simply by using their smartphone, remote users or users on the spot can begin processing their video according to their workflow models or those made available to them, and then upload the broadcast-ready file to TV channels, post-production or VOD platforms.

Videomenthe now includes a “send to YouTube” option as one of its methods of delivery. After the account login details have been verified and YouTube mode has been selected, Eolementhe publishes the processed video to the channel selected. 

The retrieval of files stored on Object Storage platforms such as OpenStack, Amazon S3 and Microsoft Azure can be automated, for the purpose of internalising operations within Eolementhe. The files are thus listed in Eolementhe‘s dropzone to make it easier to manage them within a single interface.

So, Eolementhe v3.2 processes files from various sources to deliver them to multiple destinations, while offering an increasingly varied range of solutions. Off-site work productivity is also optimised by using the mobile app.

Videomenthe CEO Muriel Le Bellac concludes: “Eolementhe is the aggregation of file processing solutions in a single interface, optimally linked together by means of features that we are developing. Our partners are chosen on the basis of technological and commercial criteria, but also because these solutions enable our clients to guarantee the seamlessness and continuity of workflows, without causing any intrinsic disruption of their infrastructures.”