@Witbe brings to Canal+ a better experience regarding Live TV Services monitoring

Witbe, a provider of Quality of Experience (QoE) Test and Monitoring, announced today an extended partnership with Canal+, the leading Pay TV Company in France. Canal+ needed a powerful monitoring solution that could work seamlessly on the broadcast services over satellite or terrestrial, and on the IPTV & OTT channels distributed by major ISPs in xDSL or FTTH. Through this extended collaboration, which started five years ago, Witbe developed an unparalleled knowledge in Live TV Services Monitoring and was able to meet Canal+ expectations.


Looking to enhance their subscribers’ experience, the Canal+ Operations Teams were looking for a technology that would enable them to pro-actively detect any issue on their delivery networks and platforms, targeting issues that can affect their customer’s experience. Thanks to its scalable TV Services Monitoring Technologies, Witbe successfully met the challenge:

• The latest Witbe Video Robots perform all possible interactive tests as a real End-User, using up to 32 HD Set-Top-Boxes in parallel — giving Canal+ the ability to monitor the Quality of Experience delivered through their most popular delivery architectures (DTH, Terrestrial, IPTV, multi- ISP, OTT in xDSL or FTTH).

• The Witbe Smart Alerting System generates real-time alarms and report KPIs continuously for all the linear TV services — allowing Canal+ to detect any quality deterioration in real-time and proactively prevent their End-Users’ complaints.

Working straight out of the box, the Witbe Robots are able to check any Set-Top-Boxes for black screens, frozen pictures, error screens, DRM/CAS issues and sound unavailability on any live stream, even when they are scrambled. Any issue can then be live-tested and remotely troubleshooted using the Witbe Remote Eye Controller.

This unique video-wall feature provides Canal+ Operations Teams with a way to take control of any their monitored STB remotely, with real-time video and audio feedbacks, letting them manually confirm any issue. That way, Canal+ Operations Teams can confirm any alert and escalate them to the proper support level, before the End-User even starts to dial Canal+ Customer Service phone number.

« Throughout its 15 years of experience, Witbe has gathered a team of seasoned specialists of TV Service Monitoring Technologies. This unique expertise in one of the Broadcasters’ main critical issues has been nurtured by the close relationships we have with our clients, like Canal+ for five years. It enables us to continuously improve the responses to a major digital distributor’s need in a constantly changing environment. It is always a great pleasure to work with the expert teams from Canal+ », says Marie-Véronique Lacaze, CEO of Witbe.

Canal+ Group is the leading pay-TV group in France, ranking first both for its premium-content networks with the generalist channel Canal+ and associated channels, and its themed networks. With CanalSat, it is also the top multi-channel platform and distributor for pay-TV offerings in metropolitan France and French territories overseas, as well as in French-speaking Africa.

Since 2000, Witbe offers an award winning approach to ensure the Quality of Experience actually being delivered to the end-users of any interactive service, on any device and over any type of network. Leading innovations in the QoE industry, Witbe technologies have already been adopted by over 300 clients in 45 countries.