Arkena to deliver NRK online services (#Mediakwest made in France)

The national public broadcaster NRK is considered the largest Norwegian streaming service. In 2014, NRK streamed 120 petabytes of data to its audience, and this year NRK expects volume to be over 200 petabytes.

Arkena is NRK’s number 1 choice to reach its online audience with perfect quality.

« NRK is Norway’s largest and most experienced purchaser of CDN services and
performed a thorough quality review before deciding on the suppliers. We are both
thrilled and proud to have received the top score from NRK and look forward to
delivering market leading streaming services to them », says Richard Löfgreen,
Managing Director at Arkena Norway.

NRK is upgrading its streaming platform.
In parallel, NRK puts a final touch to a new streaming structure where the selected
CDN providers will be integrated even closer to ensure a better and more stable

« This is a great opportunity for Arkena. We will be constantly benchmarked for
quality against the other two selected CDN vendors, and we know that NRK is going
to compare us closely to optimize traffic flow », says Löfgreen, while also
emphasizing that « it is wise for such a large media corporation as NRK to focus on
structuring a solid, future-proof online platform with strong redundancy and
capacity. »


« Online audiences have higher demands on the quality of the streaming experience,
and as the usage becomes more widespread, the online video viewers are also
losing patience with network problems. This trend increases the expectations on the
entire value chain, and we look forward to working closely with NRK on this
challenge, » says Richard Löfgreen.

« Arkena is well prepared with its offer based on the competence and culture for
quality of service that originates from the expertise on network infrastructure of the
French TDF Group. TDF has been providing the market with high quality
infrastructure from day one. This has given our company the right experience and
perfect culture to handle the strong growth we see ahead of us and this is also
evident in Arkena’s dedication to invest heavily and systematically in capacity and
services. »

NRK’s decision reinforces the leading position of Arkena for delivering CDN services
to the media industry.

In 2014, Cognacq-Jay Image, PSN, Qbrick and SmartJog united under the Arkena brand, thus creating one of Europe’s leading media services organization. Arkena is part of the TDF Group. More at